How Rakuten is more than just a TV service brand

How Rakuten is more than just a TV service brand

The Internet can be regarded as a planet on its own where we are duplicating virtually everything we do physically on. The implication is that there are many niches of business on the Internet. Prominent amongst the different niches we have on the Internet includes social media, company websites, blog website, news websites, and reviews platform among several others. In the company website section, we also have various types of businesses including fashion, groceries, books, and telecommunication companies among others.

One of the many businesses that have an online and offline presence and have grown over the years is the Rakuten company. Some people only use the Rakuten TV part of Rakuten and might think that they are just a TV service brand. However, there is much more to know about Rakuten than just their Rakuten TV services. Rakuten TV was formerly before the company bought it and changed the name. The Video on Demand platform that was founded in Spain has continued to grow and had 5 million users across Europe by 2017. Apart from Rakuten, here is a list of other businesses that Rakuten provides that you might want to patronize.



The Rakuten E-Commerce service was the business on which the company was founded. This was the first type of service provided by the company when it was established in 1997. The company was formerly known as MDM from 1997 to 1999 before they changed their name to MDM Inc. Their e-commerce section sells a wide range of products and they are regarded as the third biggest e-commerce platform in the world.

Food delivery

Rakuten operates a food delivery business where their customers can order for food and the company will deliver it. They run this under the Rakuten Delivery subsidiary.

Travel booking

If you want to book for a journey, you might just want to check if the Voyagin subsidiary of Rakuten operates in that area. If they do, you might want to trust them with your travel booking needs after reading on to see how what other people that have used their travel booking service experienced and are saying about them.

Marketing and data analysis

Rakuten also provides marketing and data analysis services for its customers. Interested business owners can take advantage of their Rakuten Advertising service to promote their businesses online to get more customers and stay competitive.


Rakuten is very much involved in financial technology as well. Hence, they provide banking and securities services, credit cards, digital wallet and life insurance. The implication is that you can open a bank account with their financial branch and get a credit card that you can use for shopping. They also have an online cash-back service under Rakuten Rewards where they reward their customers with some percentage cashback for patronizing them.

Messaging app

Rakuten has a messaging app known as Viber that people can use to send and receive instant messages.

Communication services

Rakuten have the Rakuten Mobile subsidiary where they provide communication services and sell mobile phones.

From the above, it can be concluded that Rakuten is very active in most of the most common type of businesses that can be carried out on the Internet. Hence, they can serve as a one-stop brand that when you are contented with the quality they provide, they can always provide you with a wide range of products and services that will cover most if not all of your online activities. Perhaps, it is an only search engine and reviews services you will need other online brands for.