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3 Smart Ways of Packaging your Soap Products

Countless brands are producing soap products every day. Most soap boxes will go unnoticed if designed just like the other brands. But, there ways to design your custom soap packaging smartly and get more attention from consumers.

As soaps have become a versatile product, it also comes in different shapes, sizes, and specifications. There are plain soap boxes for your typical soaps, while larger packaging is needed for bath bombs. Gift boxes are also widely sought after, especially for limited edition sets. There are also other decorative ways to design your products. In this article, let us look at 3 smart ways of packaging your soap products and how it can help you grow your soap business.

  • Kraft Soap Boxes for Homemade Products

Homemade soap boxes often go with eco-friendly packaging.  Kraft packaging is a smart way to package your natural soap. It usually comes in brown color because materials used for this packaging are often recycled. You do not want to package your soap in plastics. That may ruin the credibility of your all-natural brand. Kraft boxes also make your product more attractive for people who are very conscious about the environment.

These custom soap packaging is available in all shapes and sizes. Although there are many ways to make this little brown box stand out, it can also be designed with custom print. Box Print’s high technology printing process allows you to design your Kraft boxes however you want.  You can customize it with several different colors and add text information about your product.

  • Printed Pillow Boxes

Some packaging boxes are best used for gifts. Pillow boxes are popular among gift packaging products together with lid and try style of boxing and petal top boxes. Getting a printed pillow box is a smart way to incorporate your branding with the products. At the same time, you can bundle it together as a part of a much larger gift set.

This packaging of soap boxes is available in different sizes depending on your soap product. Kraft pillow boxes are also possible for an eco-friendlier gift. My Box Printer also produces this package with several customization options.

  • Bath Set Custom Soap Packaging

Another smart way of packaging your soap products is adding them to bath sets. Choosing a secure box for this kind of packages is of utmost importance. Bath sets tend to be heavier than single-product packages.

Bath set packages are also ideal as gifts. It can be an awesome souvenir item for weddings or giveaways at birthdays and company parties. Custom soap packaging boxes undergo different processes like die cutting, gluing, scoring, and perforation. Coatings are also available in gloss, matte, or spot UV. Mixing some of these processes with different types of coating will churn out several ways for you to design your bath sets.

Creating innovative and smart ways of packaging your products can dictate how well your soap business can go. And for smart packaging solutions, contact My Box Printer for the best quotations and the most amazing custom boxes for your products.